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Comprehensive and extensive information can be put on our digital signage with our unique user interface showing multiple scenes.

There are hundreds if not thousands of similar exhibitors in a single event; and among them all you can easily catch visitor eyes easily with digital signage.

You can use instantly update the information on the digital signage responding to the opportunities ahead of your at the location. Detailed customizations are possible to fit your every display needs. The only thing that could limit it is your imagination.

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5 Reasons for Digital Signages
for Your Next Event / Exhibition

Customer Attraction

• Brand building

In a digital era, digital screens naturally attract customer attention and now there are simple digital signage tools. Digital signage can attract more customers because it is eye-catching, time sensitive, engaging, dynamic, and so much more.

• Attract attention

Digital signage is an ideal tool for generating brand awareness. Unlike static media, moving images, and transitions are far more engaging and noticeable with a digital signage display. Digital signage can be used to generate brand awareness almost anywhere. In front of stores, on screens around shopping malls and even outdoor digital signage.

Encouraging to Take Photos and Share

The exquisite pictures on the digital display screen are all attracting customers to take photos and share on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. More opportunities to obtain coupons, encourage customers to take more photos and spread the information.

Takeaway menu & QR code ordering system

• Outdoor Signage is the first impression a customer has of the products and services that you offer. Signage is the best ways to boost revenue by capturing your customer’s attention.

• From backlit signs for your shop front and digital menu screens to window and floor graphics, Fast-food Signage is here to help you drive footfall into your premises.

• Easy to order by customers scan the QR code, Pay cash or online.

Affiliated restaurants mutual promotion

• Display and Signage Boards Classic menu boards are still effective for promoting daily specials.

• It is very effective for mutual promotion of affiliated restaurants and food & beverage group.

Reduce wait time

• Digital menu boards can incorporate valuable content like interesting facts, trivia, or other entertaining aspects to reduce a customers perceived wait time during the process of ordering.

• It also offers customers an incentive to keep looking at the screen, giving restaurants the chance to present them with more promotional content.

Save Manpower Costs

  • Effective Visitor Management: Introductory Information provided to visitors without the necessity of service encounter.

  • Especially when visitors are many at peak hours.

  • HIGHLIGHT: Automatic Change of display content based on time of the day of your design.

Increase Visitor Engagement

• Digital menu boards help you to upsell.

• With a digital menu board you can easily update and display your promotions to boost sales. More than that though, you can also push your special promotions in eye-catching fashion. You’ll be more likely to pique your customer’s interest in whatever your promotion happens to be.

• Imagine seeing a video or photo of your most popular product or service. By adding your most attention-grabbing item to your digital menu, the board does the upsell for you.

Encourage Revisit

• Increase Upselling

• The most popular ecoupons, simple and convenient to create, distribute, redeem and manage coupons.

• It is simplest way ever, the businesses can create marketing campaigns with coupon, self help all the way, no technical skill is needed.

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